Who can apply?


Who can apply?

Fine Art Photographers, with contrasted careers are welcome to join the Unframed Photo community, no matter whether they work as well as professional photographers or not.

Unframed Photo understands that a contrasted career must include some both group and solo exhibitions, awards or publications as well as it might have been active already for several years.

Applications that don’t meet these requirements will not be taken in consideration for further approval.

If you don’t meet these requirements yet, Unframed Photo wants to encourage you to work hard in the creation of a powerful portfolio and a consistent CV in order to be eligible to apply.


How is the selection process?

The Unframed Photo community is a self curated community where Photographers are also curators.

All applications are reviewed by the already members every month. Once our members have reviewed all the applications, they emmit an anonymous veredict with a positive or negative vote for every application.

Those photographers whose applications got a minimum of 2/3 of positive votes will receive a notification informing them that they have been approved to join the community.

Are there any fees to join the Unframed Photo community?

There’s an application fee of 10€. Before applying, we recommend you to visit our Fees section.


Required information

The necessary information to apply includes the following parts:

1.- Personal information (name, nationality and email address)

2.- A selection of your best photos (max 10),  specifying whether the submitted photos belong to one same project or not,.

3.- A project statement, only in case the submitted photos belong to the same project.

4.- A list of your best achievements as a Fine Art Photographer  (exhibitions, awards, publications).

We recommend that you have this information ready before beginning with your application since our application system doesn’t save temporary applications.


Applications period is now closed.

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