UnFramed Photo LTD has to deliver maximum seriousity when it’s time to process earnings and payments. For that purpose, this online store has a fully integrated system of invoice creation that lets you issue your own invoices to your customers.

Since each of you are based in different countries, each of you has the obligation to issue invoices and pay taxes following your own country’s regulations. UnFramed Photo LTD does its part in the United Kingdom.

Next, you can find a deeper explanation on the general obligations about VAT taxes and Income taxes.


VAT Rates

Everytime a sale is made, it corresponds to the photographer to issue an invoice to the customer for the total amount of the sale, plus a VAT rate. Please visit the tutorials section to know more about how to issue invoices.

The applicable VAT rate for that sale must follow the VAT tax regulations of the country where the photographer is based. If you don’t know what are the VAT rates in your country, we recommend you to speak with a local expert in tax regulations in order to know precisely what are the VAT % rates applicable in national and international art sales.

Take in consideration that some countries may have tax regulations that offer a Reduced rate for art sales. For instance, Spain has a standard VAT rate of 21% and a Reduced rate of 10%.

Once you get tot know all the VAT related tax regulations of your country you may submit this information to the Unframed team by filling the next form. Affter your submission Unframed administrators will introduce your submitted data in our system. By default Unframed has already introduced some standard and reduced VAT rates from several contries but we cannot be totally sure that this rates are correct.

Income taxes

Photographers and affiliates have the obbligation to pay their income taxes in their own countries according to their local regulations, while Unframed Photo LTD pays his income taxes in the United Kingdom.

In case you don’t know your country’s regulations about income taxes Unframed Photo recommends you to contact a local expert in order to check eventual income tax excemptions and rates.

The funds that Unframed Photo LTD obtains from 10% commissions in sales are used to calculate Unframed Photo income taxes.

Commissions, VAT and invoicing

70% commissions for direct sales are calculated including VAT taxes.

20% commissions for referrals are calculated including VAT taxes.

10% commissions for UnFramed Photo LTD are calculated after subtracting both irect sales and referrals commissions.

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