Plane of Monegals-20x35,6cm
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Plane of Monegals

by Pau Guerrero

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The myth of Count Arnau has been, since the Romantic era, the most important folkloric and literary legend in Catalonia. Fundamental to the myth is a popular song, probably originating in Ripoll in the 16th century, around which a legendary tradition was born that spread throughout  the entire Ripolles region.

With Count Arnau, as with many other myths, we find there is a strong connection with physical features in the landscape that, due to their timeless and stable presence, serve as witnesses to make these legends all the more memorable. With regards to Count Arnau, it is specifically around the mountainous region of Montgrony where we encounter the topography and place names that evoke the figure of the damned Count with intensity.

With this project I aimed to follow the myth of Count Arnau and, as I moved between the places connected to it, I came to understand the landscape as an expression of Count Arnau himself, as if it were the genius loci of this local environment.

Size (paper)

29,7x42cm (12x17")


Limited Edition of 10


Giclee print

White margin


Framing and Mounting

No framing and mounting




Landscape and myth of count Arnau



Production year


Format/Aspect Ratio








Shooting location


Shooting time

Late morning

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Pau Guerrero

After working as an architect and photographer of architecture, I turned my focus of interest to the natural landscape and the oases of wildness that can still be found in the desert of our highly urban and regulated world, firmly convinced that in the mountains and forests we are able to find our source of inspiration, strength and primordial vitality.
Walking through these places in awe, going to the outward, physical wilderness, is parallel to an inward journey. The wild and natural, mysterious and marvelous, often remote and solitary places, constantly relate to the unexplored qualities and untapped faculties of our psyche, intuition and imagination.
My work aims to reflect this experience.
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