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by David Querol

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The moon, in combination with the sun, exerts a force on the earth, causing the tides. The water comes and goes, and studying of the moon phases make it possible to calculate the water level at anytime and anywhere on the planet, as well as the ideal time for fishing.
The Moon Factor is based on a study in El Rompido, a fishing village in the south of Spain. There, it is easy to see the scientific phenomena of the moon and also monitor how it affects the lives of those who live there; scientific approach, coexisting with their extreme religious faith.
As a child I’d approached the continuous movement of the water curiously as it was nothing more to me than just a funny game, but, as an adult, It’s astronomical causes intrigued me and it became important. Later however, I started to see that my childhood game also had a not-so-friendly face to it: the deterioration.
To explain, submerged wood in water preserves well, but when alternating its position in and out of the water, it suffers. A combination of sun and humidity will cause dimensional changes and deformation of fibers plus exposure to aggressive agents provided by the salt water all cause suffering.
Air also causes oxidation & ageing. And, for metals, the sea is the perfect corrosive because of its high salt content.
After many years of observing the evolution of this village and its people, I see that I have attended a lesson in life. Not only do their boats age, but all of those around do too.
I understand why they live so passionately around it, even if it is based on fairly accurate predictions but it is still a harmful game, and predictions do not reflect that damage.

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Limited Edition of 8 + 2AP

Size (paper)

40x60 cm (16x24 ")

Production year



the moon factor



Framing and Mounting

No framing and mounting


Giclee print/Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308g

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David Querol

I’m an architect and photographer based in Barcelona. Photography has continued to help me since I was first given a camera when I was nine years old. Like any other human being, I need to communicate, and I’ve found photography a wonderful way to do that. I base my work on my concerns, which are primarily, absence, time and memory. Normally the ideas come from the pain, I guess trying to find some relief. So I show my projects when I think the subjects are universal enough to be shared by other people. When that happens and you see that your thoughts, even the darkest ones, are understood, it’s just magic. That’s what pushes me to continue.
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