Unframed Photo

An online store ruled by artists

UnFramed Photo is a not for profit organization aimed to help Fine Art Photographers from all over the world sell their artwork via an online channel.

Since it’s a not for profit organization, all the beneftis go to its members, which not only can benefit from their own sales but, even, from other members’ sales.

In the other hand, the growth of our member community is curated by the same members, which, via an internal voting system, have the power to decide whether an applicant will finally join the group and sell with us in Unframed Photo or not.

In resume, our members are not just meant to sell but also they are asked to commit in the tasks of reviewing our candidates’ applications and emmitting a vote for each of them.

The idea

The idea of creating a community such as UnFramed Photo comes from Víctor Enrich, photographer and visual artist from Barcelona, Spain, who, after noticing the lack of assistance that many recently met Fine Art Photographers have when it’s time to sell their artwork, thought that it was time to share with them all the knowledge and expertise in the field of online sales that Enrich has accumulated  over the years.

Enrich holds more than 5 years of experience in sales oh his own artwork via an online channel. A channel that has been his sole source of income.

Build your own community

In case you want to build your own community, we can assist you in the creation of a proper online store.

For further questions about this matter, please contact Víctor Enrich

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