The UnFramed Photo online store works with a system of commissions that can reward you in 2 ways: by selling your own photos and by helping others sell their own photos.

For organisational matters, in this site, sellers are called “Photographers” and traffic catchers are called “affiliates”, and the good thing is that you can be both of them.

Next, we explain how photographers and affiliates get rewarded everytime that there’s a sale in UnFramed Photo.


Photographer direct sales: 70% up to 90%

Every time that photographers sell a work of their own they receive a minimum of 70% for that sale, and a maximum of 90%.

The factor that determines whether they will receive a 70% or a 90% is whether they also brought the customer to the site or not.

If they brought the customer, then the author earns a 90%.

If the customer was brought by another photographer or thanks to the communication campaigns of Unframed, then the author earns a 70%.

Referral sales, made by affiliates: 20%

Eah time that an affiliate brings a visitor to the site creates a referral. This referral is an important piece of code that tracks the visitor’s behaviour in our site until he buys a product. When he buys the product, the referral rewards the affiliate with a commission.

Referral commissions are set to 20%.

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