Unlike many other online galleries, Unframed Photo is a community based, not-for-profit online gallery which is run by its members. It’s condition of not-for-profit is based in our belief in an economical system with little or no intermediaries.

However, being a not-for-profit organisation doesn’t mean that we don’t have costs. To the contrary, managing this online store has a cost, which we have struggled in keeping as low as possible, taking benefit of the resources that the internet world offers today. So, since we don’t get any commission for our sales, and we want to keep our site free of publicity, the best way we know to get our costs covered is by requesting an application fee and a membership fee.

Our fees

Application fee

Photographers who want to apply to become a member of the UnFramed Photo community must pay an application fee of 10€.

This fee is used to cover the costs of keeping the application system organised since we receive many applications.

This fee is paid each time applicants make a new application, no matter if they have applied earlier.

Membership fee

Successful applicants are requested to pay a fee of 50€/year that enables them to get full benefit of using our online store.

This fee is used to help the admin team to keep the website fully operational and without problems in order to have an online store open 24/7, 365 days a year.

The payment of this fee is automatic via a yearly subscription.

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