“City portraits”

“City portraits” (2007-2012) is a series of pictures result of a selection of a wider photographic report made during a 6 year long journey that Víctor Enrich made through central Europe and the Middle East. From among all the locations, a special mention goes to the cities of Riga (Latvia), Tel Aviv (Israel) and Munich (Germany), due to longer stays compared to the other ones that were visited. This importance of this series relies on the fact that it represents the first serious and long term experiment in Victor Enrich’s artistic career even though none of the belonging pictures were created to be part of a conceptualized project. Instead, each of them acted as a trigger to produce the next one. Thus, in the series it’s possible to check how, over the course of the years, the computer graphic techniques got better and better, while the conceptualization processes were basically staying the same. The locations depicted in the series correspond to buildings in front of which Enrich used to pass in his daily walks. Walks that were meant to enhance the process of urban exploration, which can be considered one of top Enrich’s leisure time activities. The series begins with Riga, a city in which Enrich lived for a period of 2 years, and in which made first contact with the art world, as he was spending most of his time in Latvian squats which, in that period, where booming after the fall of the Soviet Union. This first part of the series shows mainly simple hybridization experiments, where shapes from different locations are blended together. However, a first bending experiment can be seen too. (“Looping”) It’s in Tel Aviv, though, between 2009 and 2011, where Enrich enters a period of intensive production. The amount of pictures made in this location is, by far, the largest one to the time writing this review (May 2016). Enrich fell in love with the artistic mood of the city, as well as for the real possibilities of achieving success that artists could get, since many local galleries are bonded to other ones located in New York or Los Angeles. Tel Aviv concentrates the largest amount of examples from Enrich’s “bending period”, a period that let his artwork be put into the world map. Due to an unwanted exit from Israel, as a consequence of a deportation, Enrich found himself in the emotional urge to end up with the “City portraits” as soon as possible. The seek for a job in Barcelona, which was totally sunk deep into a big economic crisis, pushed him to try out in Munich, well know to be the wealthiest city of one of the wealthiest regions in Europe, Bavaria in Germany. During the 9 months that Enrich stayed in Munich was able to finish 3 more pictures which, to this date, are the last ones. Since “City portraits” was never born to be a project, there are some chances that, in the future it will have to assume the arrival of new imagery.

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