“NHDK” (2013) is a project that talks about the absurdity of the architectural form. In the 21st century society has witnessed how some architects have chosen a path towards eccentricity, a path that unfortunately doesn’t help in the restitution of the role that architecture played in society during previous times. To the contrary, the invasion of all sort of shapes applied to all sort of scales make some architectural projects become an invitation to realize how their designers, architects, are in fact more worried about the sculptural part rather than the functional part of their designs. Architects are not the only ones to be responsible of this architectural madness. In fact, none of these projects could have become real unless there wasn’t a type of clients whose only interest in architecture was related to a sick form of vanity. A type of clients that is not restricted to private developers only; even, public institutions and central governments have to be included, which makes this phenomena even worse, as the projects that they commission are going to be funded by all the people’s collected taxes. The limits of this absurdity are yet to be reached, as the possibilities of formal exploration increase as long as the list of possible engineering solutions expands and, as well, the need for capturing as much attention as possible from the audience becomes the only available instrument to survive. In an attempt to hinder the normal evolution of this process, this project intends to make a giant leap towards a future, perhaps improbable, perhaps not, in which the freedom of form would be so wide that buildings could adopt not only one single shape but many. The main goal is to let everyone now witness how this absurdity could become one day, and begin to think about other ways to improve the architectonic practice. The choice of video as the main format for this project, enhances the perception of the hidden anxiety, expressed through the accelerated rhythm, that architects might feel when facing a future in which it would be the absurd the only thing to be built.

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