“Rafael Uribe Uribe Existe”

“Rafael Uribe Uribe Existe” (“R.U.U.E.”) is a photographic project, the conception of which emerges from the direct observation of a urban area located few miles south from Bogotá’s downtown, Rafael Uribe Uribe, which was named after an important Colombian liberal leader of the turn of the XIX and XX centuries). This urban conglomerate spreads over plains and hills, being the latter ones where the living conditions are the worst. Even though these places already existed one hundred years ago, their population began to boom during the second half of the XXth century, as a result of a massive and uncontrolled migration of a Colombian post-rural social stratum. However, over the course of the years, most of the habits and traditions that these people brought from the countryside have been forgotten, especially by the youngest ones, who see them as obstacles to their social aspirations. This situation makes the place act as a sort of unwanted and indefinite stop-over for many people, making its people enter an inevitable process of loss of identity, and the subsequent vulnerability towards the rest of the society. Facing this probable outcome, tt was considered mandatory to intervene in a way that could hinder this growing loss of identity of the people from Rafael Uribe Uribe. The intervention had to bring the city of Rafael Uribe Uribe, and its internal dynamics, to a central point of debate, as a representative of many suburban structures of Latin American cities, and this could only be achieved by breaking the Aristotelian law of contraries, where two objects from different kinds “apparently” can’t coexist in the same subject.

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