“Correspondencia Visual III”

by Sheila Oliveira

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Sheila Oliveira

Photography is my driving force. It's with her and through her the way how I reach to write down my observational and reflective wishes about everything that surrounds us and that also gives us the possibility to transform and understand life. I'm interested in thinking the image as the effect of these wishes, but what is this movement that manifests in our inner being when one faces something that seems to have a certain value? When it's time to begin a new photographic project I write down in images my equations about every subject under study. These notes are in fact thoughts that include philosophic, psychological, scientific and spiritual approaches on everything that moves us. It's in fact in this point where my process of construction of images begins, benefiting from a series of photographic interferences as a way to strengthen my mind between my physical and photographic bodies, which connection is strongly risen during the photographic act.
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