Nowhere in Particular 12

by Matthias Heiderich

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Matthias Heiderich – Nowhere in Particular – Vancouver, 2015


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Matthias Heiderich

Saturated to the limits of reality, Heiderich’s sweet-and-sour colours pop out of the frame and make your day brighter. His palette seems to come directly from the 80’s, when every sky was a perfect blue. He might be looking into the past through its urban settings but he does so with the freshness of the present and the optimism of the future. The influence of the German tradition is omnipresent in his work. With the same rigor and pragmatism as the Bechers, Heiderich also creates typologies of industrial buildings and structures. Just like them, he isn’t interested in the human form and yet each of his photos is full of humanity, emphasising how each building is a product of human mind and skill.
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