Silence is grey #5

by Juan Sebastián Rodríguez Moranta

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Size (paper)

40x60cm (16×24″)


Limited Edition of 20


C-type print

Framing and Mounting

No framing and mounting



Production year

2012 / 2015

Format/Aspect Ratio




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Juan Sebastián Rodríguez Moranta

I am a photographer from Barcelona in several senses of the term. Although surely I'd make the same type of images anywhere in the world. I'm interested in understanding what is universal in everyday spaces in which life manifests. Rather than giving my point of view about the world, I would like the world to give me his point of view to me. The truth, or something close to the truth. Since we are children we elaborate hypotheses that we tend to verify and continuously confirm. I take pictures repetitively because only by isolating the phenomenon and repeating the conditions I can clarify those issues that interest me, like a child or an investigator would do. It is something that we all do more or less consciously. There are projects that take years, others just a few days. I would also add that I can not help finding beauty in a very primitive way, which does not necessarily have to do with what is 'ugly' or 'pretty'. I order and classify my photographic work constantly. When I review it, new ideas and new categories appear. Thousands of very similar pictures just get reduced to a few dozens. Those that survive contain a relevant element within the system. Sometimes I think that the exasperating homogeneity is part of the idea that I want to shape. Think, shoot, sleep, repeat. Welcome.
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