General questions

UnFramed Photo is a not-for profit online store exclusively dedicated to Fine Art Photography in which our members are not only entitled to sell but also to get involved in the management of the store.

The term “UnFramed” (without frame) refers to the liberation that our members enjoy from the constraints generated by the high commission rates that conventional art galleries use to impose.
In no case it refers to photography being sold without actual frames.

2 features make UnFramed Photo different from other conventional art galleries:
1.- It enables our members benefit not only from their own sales but also from other member’s sales.
2.- It invites our members to be part of the management of the store, by voting for or against all sort of aspects.

Our members can benefit from other members’ sales thanks to our affiliate program, which enables our members to eventually get a 20% of the total amount of another member’s sale.
For more information about this feature, please visit our “Commissions” section.

Mostly all aspects, since those related to the design of the website to those related to the distribution of commissions.

Our model

In UnFramed Photo we consider that artists must be the main beneficiaries of the sales of their artwork, thus ours is a framework with as less intermediaries as possible.
To ensure that all the benefits get back to artists, UnFramed Photo LTD explicitly refuses to have any share from any sale.

UnFramed Photo has been designed to be a structure with very little operative costs. These costs can get partially or totally funded by candidates’ applications and/or by successful applicants’ registrations.
If more funds were necessary, then they are taken from the 10% commission that UnFramed Photo temporary keeps from sales for its proper operability.

UnFramed Photo uses a fragment of the 10% of each sale basically to make tax returns, to cover recurring expenses ( many of them related with website maintenance and associated tasks) but only in case that the obtained funds from applications and registrations were not enough.
The remaining funds are kept and all members are informed about the total available sum in order to decide what to do with them.

No.  We don’t offer the classical gallery representation. To the contrary, we stimulate our artists to represent themselves by continuously produce and promote their bodies of work in as many appropriate channels as possible.

No. UnFramed Photo understands that some art galleries are, and will be, important in the art sector. But we also believe that these art galleries will focus in the promotion of artistic careers only.
We consider that the art gallery network is not wide enough to embrace the always increasing amount of artists that each year appears into scene. The consequence is that while a small minority of artists will still be capable to sell their art work as a regular basis in conventional art galleries, the vast majority of them, talented as well, will not get the same chances and eventually may drop their careers for lack of sales.

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