Joining our affiliate program

To get started with our affiliate program, please follow these instruction.

1.- Read our Affiliates program operating agreement in our Terms and Conditions page.
2.- Sign up. Go to our Affiliates program information page and read the benefits of joining our program. Then click on Join!
3.- Fill out a short registration form. Suddenly after you will have gained access to your affiliate dashboard.
4.- Go to “Settings” and type your Paypal account where you want to get paid.
5.- Go to “Generate link”, insert the main URL of this site (https://www.unframedphoto.com) and then click on “generate link” to create your unique affiliate link.
6.- Insert this link in your personal website or social media. Anytime that someone clicks on that link, our system will generate a referral linked to your affiliate account.

Affiliate links are special links pointing to Unframed Photo website that track the origin of the people that click on them.

This tracked information contained in the links is vital for the administrator of Unframed Photo to determine who must be rewarded for bringing traffic to this site.

Only users that have registered with this site as affiliates can place affiliate links in their own websites or social media.

You can create as many affiliate links as you want.
As long as the referral id of any of them is the same and it’s inserted at the end of the corresponding URL.
You can create links to general pages, to photographers dedicated pages or to specific products.

Our affiliate programs offers 20% commissions in sales for website owners that insert affiliate links in their websites. You can generate revenue by bringing customers to our site by clicking on your unique affiliate link.

No. joining our affiliates program is totally free of charge.

As long as your website doesn’t violate intellectual property rights or promote sexually explicit content, everything will be fine. Please refer to our Operating agreement to know more about this matter.

Once you have inserted your unique affiliate link in your website, any time that someone clicks on it and gets to Unframed Photo, we know that this visitor came thanks to you. Our system keeps this information during 30 days.
If during the following 30 days after the first visit, this visitor that you brought to us ends up buying something, then you will be rewarded with a 20% of the total amount of that sale. As easy as that.
Once you have joined our affiliate program, you will be able to access your affiliate dashboard, in which all the information regarding clicks, visits, referrals and commissions gets stored permannetly while your affiliate account is active.

Our system is set up to reward always the first referral link. So, in case that “your” visitor gets to Unframed Photo via another affiliate link within the next 30 days after it did on your affiliate link, this second click is not taken into consideration. So, in case there is a sale, the sale is referred to the first click always. In case that the second click was made after the expiration of the 30 consecutive days of the date it clicked on your link, then this means that “your” referral expired, thus the commission will go to the other affiliate.

Getting paid

In case there’s a sale thanks to a visitor that your brought to UnFramed Photo you will receive an email informing you that this sale was made thanks to your affiliate link.

Affiliates get paid via their Paypal account.

Affiliates get paid once per month, during the last days of the month.

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