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Unframed Photo, unlike many other conventional Art Galleries, is a not-for-profit project. This means that, in the near future, when sales will knock at your door, all the benefits from those sales will revert, directly and indirectly, to you. However, like any active website, there are some costs that are necessary to keep it active. Some of these costs are recurring, paid once per year, such as domain registration, hosting plans or SSL protocols. Some other costs are not recurring but appear periodically, such as management costs for website optimization or support to our members.
Unframed Photo has been built using the most cost-effective tools available in the internet today, and we consider that a 50€/year fee per member is enough to cover them.

Membership has to be paid once per year basically to cover the recurrent and periodical costs that are mandatory to keep our website active throughout the year.

Selling online is not an easy thing. There are many options out there that promise lots of sales but the truth is that most of these places are designed only to bring benefit to their owners.
What UnFramed Photo offers you, instead, is basically the opportunity to be part of a collaborative marketplace with a strong personality that doesn’t have any private ownership since everything is owned by all its members.
In UnFramed Photo we believe in collaborative economy as the best and most dignified option for the near future to carry on with any sort of activity, including art creation.

Membership is open to successful applicants only. To become a successful applicant first you need to carry a consistent body of work and at least several awards and exhibitions in your CV. If you don’t meet these requirements, your application will be discarded.
After applying, your application is reviewed together with all the other applications received during a certain period. All applications get voted “yes” or “no” by the already members. If your application was voted “yes” by more than 2/3 of the members who emitted a vote, then your application is successful and you can become a member of UnFramed Photo.
For more information about who is eligible to apply, please visit this page.

In case your CV is not strong enough yet, we encourage you to keep working hard and apply after some time.
We strongly want to dissuade you to apply now if you don’t meet the requirements because this would mean unnecessary work for us and could create a bad precedent for you.

Applications’s fee is 10€ each.

If this was the case, then congratulations! You earned your way into UnFramed Photo.
All successful applicants receive the invitation code that grants them access to our registration page.

The membership fee is 50€ per year. You will be charged during your registration.
Please visit our “Fees” section to know more about our fees.

if your appliction was successful but you can’t pay the membership now UnFramed Photo can wait for 30 days. Once this period of 30 days expire, your application will not be longer valid and you might apply again.

One of the key features of this site is that our members (artists) are also affiliates. Their condition of “members” entitles them to publish products and eventually sell them earning a 70% commission. However, the condition of “affiliates” entitles them to earn 20% commissions in other members’ sales. So, we strongly recommend you to click on “Become an affiliate” unless you want to loose the chance of earning these 20% commissions.

Once as a member

The answer is yes.
You can do use by using a unique QR code that will link the visitors of your exhibition to this Online Store.
For more information, please visit the “Faqs for Members” section

Being a member comes by some basic rights by default, which are:
1.- Managing your portfolio in total freedom.
2.- Selling your works somewhere else as well.
3.- Using your own price range, regardless what other artists do.
4.- Being entitled to vote in any important matter regarding the correct evolution of this community.

Being a member comes with some obligations as well, such as…
1.- Managing your orders and your stock.
2.- Printing, packing and shipping your works when there will be an order.
3.- Dealing with customer support if requested.

Certainly not. In UnFramed Photo members take part into the managerial actions only if they want.
So, if you don’t feel like reviewing applications, you can certainly skip this task. However you have to be aware that by doing so your vote will be taken as an abstention, thus it will not be used for the calculation of the 2/3 majority rule that governs our site.
We encourage, though, that you review as many candidates’ applications as possible since this will make this community evolve to a direction in which you may feel comfortable.


Yes. We are aware that you may not be familiar with the e-commerce solution that we use in UnFramed Photo. That’s why, once you become a member, we will assist you in the creation of your first batch of products.

Yes. In order to reduce our operative costs, we encourage our members to get familiar with your account dashboard as soon as possible, which includes the creation of products. For that reason, we have created a “Tutorials” section that covers most of the operations that, as a member, you will probably need to learn.

If you can’t or don’t feel like spending time in publishing products you can always hire any of our team members. You will be charged 30€/hour. To get assistance in publishing products please contact us


Members can get a minimum of 70% and a maximum of 90% every time there’s a sale.
To know more about our commission system, please visit our “commissions” section.

In UnFramed Photo every significant matter is subject to debate, further analysis and eventual change only if there’s a majority of 2/3 that wants that matter to be changed; and this includes our commission system. If that was the case, then changes will be applied in the desired direction of the majority.


Members get paid only via Paypal. No bank transfer or cheque payments are available.
Once the transfer is made, Paypal takes up to 3 business days to send the money to your account.

Unframed Photo pays its members once per month.
Each payment includes the orders made between 45 and 15 days before the payment is due.
We can’t include the orders of the 15 days prior to the payment schedule because our credit card payment gateway usually takes up to 10 to 15 days to process payments.
For more information about payments, please visit our “artist payout” section

In order to minimise our managerial tasks, all our payments are processed via Paypal. No bank transfer or cheque payments are available.
All commissions get paid directly to your Paypal account at the end of the current month.
Once the transfer is made, Paypal takes up to 3 business days to send the money to your account.

It may be possible that Paypal doesn’t let you link a bank account from your country. If that was the case, we recommend you to contact Paypal‘s customer service to get information on how to solve this issue.


UnFramed Photo LTD pays taxes to the UK only for the income corresponding to the 10% from sales, minus expenses.
Members must pay taxes to their own countries for the income corresponding to the 70%, and the eventual 20% commissions from sales.
For more information about commissions and taxes, please visit our “taxes” page.


In case you you decide to not pay your membership anymore, one member of UnFramed Photo will contact you in order to know your reasons why you don’t want to keep on paying. We understand that some of our members may not be totally satisfied with the platform that we’re offering them, even though we constantly strive for building the best site possible for all of us.
If we understand that the reasons that pushed you to give up paying your membership can be solved by our team, and the rest of the community considers them appropriate to be dealt with, then we will commit to apply those changes in our platform in order to satisfy your demand, but only after you got back to your payment obligations.
Since ours is an initiative with very little resources, we can commit to apply those changes before you get back to your membership obligations.
In case the reasons that you tell us for giving up payment cannot be satisfied by us, then we will proceed to terminate our relationship.

In case once of the two parts (artist or Unframed Photo) decides to terminate the partnership relationship established when the artist made his/her first membership payment, we will proceed to hide the artist’s profile (including all his/her artworks) for one month, so they will not be accessible to the general public. If, after 30 days, the position of the 2 parts regarding the termination has not changed, then we will proceed to wait until the end of the current month to completely erase all the information related to that artist, which includes:

1.- Basic user account information
2.- The vendor account information (VAT, Phone, Paypal , IBAN etc)
3.- All the products for sale.

All payments are due at the end of each month, this means that your membership account cannot be terminated before the end of the current month since we need your information to send your money to your Paypal or IBAN account.
Only after we’ve made the payment of your last commissions, we will be able to terminate your membership.

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